What materials qualify as regulated medical waste?

In the United States, waste is categorized into different groups depending on its contents, and to what degree they are considered hazardous. Regulated medical waste is a broad category that helps facilitate the safe, sanitary disposal of hazardous products commonly found in medical facilities such as hospitals or clinics. Healthcare professionals must frequently dispose of…

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Tips for selecting a medical waste service for your company

Medical clinics, dispensaries, and manufacturers have a responsibility to dispose of medical waste in a responsible manner. Without the right waste solutions, these facilities run the risk of endangering people and wreaking havoc on the environment. It is not always easy for medical companies to distinguish reputable medical waste services from illegitimate ones. As a result, many…

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Why are medical waste containers required?

Proper disposal of medical waste is an essential part of making sure your business is running in accordance with industry and government requirements. You need to make sure your company meets all requirements for disposing of everything from scalpels to used syringes to culture dishes, or your employees and anyone else in your building could…

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What are the regulations for biomedical waste disposal in St. Louis?

According to the Missouri Solid Waste Management rules, biomedical waste, or infectious waste, is a waste that is capable of producing an infectious disease because it contains strong enough and numerous enough pathogens that someone who comes in contact with it could contract an infectious disease. Infectious waste is found in healthcare facilities as well…

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What are fines for non-compliant disposal of regulated medical waste?

Proper disposal of regulated medical waste is an important aspect of ensuring that your company is not only adhering to local and national guidelines associated with medical wage, but it’s also crucial as it helps to ensure that you avoid potentially massive fines. While you might not think too much about fines from improper waste…

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What is medical waste compliance in Warren County?

Medical waste compliance in Warren County is an important part of running any company that’s involved with medical treatment. While this often brings to mind thoughts of contaminated needs, bandages, and other materials that we associate with diseases, most are not considered hazardous. In fact, most compliance is associated with the safety of employees and…

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What to look for in a regulated medical waste company in Warren County

Properly disposing of medical waste is important. This affects not only your office but your community and the environment. It’s crucial to find a regulated medical waste in Warren County that follows necessary protocols and adheres to environmental laws so that you aren’t held accountable for any missteps. At Preferred Waste Concepts, we can help you…

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Tips for tattoo parlors managing medical waste with disposal companies

It doesn’t matter if you run a healthcare clinic, a tattoo parlor, or a barbershop, you’re going to have to deal with medical waste. This means that you need to have medical waste disposal companies who you work with that will properly dispose of your waste. At Preferred Waste Concepts, we provide safe waste management for…

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Handling medical compliance at your salon in St. Louis city

As most salon owners know, there are strict guidelines you need to follow when disposing of certain items, such as hazardous chemicals. Not only does proper disposal keep people and the environment safe, but salons can also avoid hefty fines and penalties by following local regulations. If you’re a new salon owner, you may be…

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