What to look for in a regulated medical waste company in Warren County

Properly disposing of medical waste is important. This affects not only your office but your community and the environment. It’s crucial to find a regulated medical waste in Warren County that follows necessary protocols and adheres to environmental laws so that you aren’t held accountable for any missteps. At Preferred Waste Concepts, we can help you know what to look for in a medical waste company.

How experienced are they?

Experience in the medical waste industry plays a big part in ensuring that you not only get the service that you need but that it’s done right. Our president Jeffrey Barcom has more than two decades of experience and cares deeply about providing his customers with the best service available. This comes with extensive knowledge of proper procedures and expert advice for you and your company.

Will they train your team?

Experts should be able to teach those who aren’t. We don’t expect you to have top-level knowledge of medical waste management when we start working with you. That being said, we don’t expect you to have expert-level knowledge even after we start working with you. However, we will train your team so that you have a full understanding of the best practices and the necessary steps that need to be taken to properly dispose of medical waste.

Are there extra fees?

Regardless of the service, pricing should be transparent. Keeping your business running comes with enough stressful day-to-day operations and surprise fees shouldn’t be one of them. At Preferred Waste Concepts, will give you an honest quote and stick with it.

Are they transparent in their operations?

If a regulated medical waste company is running a clean operation, there’s nothing to hide. You should be able to ask where your medical waste goes after it leaves your office and get a straight answer. Don’t work with a company if they provide you with vague answers that don’t seem to add up as the story goes. Proper handling of medical waste is important to protect your community so it’s important procedures are done correctly.

Are they rigid in their pickup schedule?

When it comes to a pickup schedule, it’s important that there is a certain level of flexibility. We understand that there are times that your office might not have enough waste to have it removed on your regularly scheduled day, or you need an extra pickup. Our team is flexible enough that we can work with you to remove medical waste and keep your staff safe from potential risk.

Are they compliant with environmental and safety laws?

Local environmental and safety laws are in place to keep everyone safe. This includes safety with everything from biohazard materials to needle sticks. There shouldn’t be any cutting corners or compromises when it comes to compliance. Every medical waste management company should take these regulations seriously. Furthermore, if your medical waste company isn’t compliant, you could be on the hook for large fines from OSHA. Properly vet a company before you start working with them to make sure they’re following all local and federal safety laws.

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If you’re in need of a regulated waste management company, contact our team today. Preferred Waste Concepts is here to properly dispose of your medical waste so you don’t have to. We remove and properly dispose of regulated medical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. We’ll also train your team to ensure that they’re all knowledgeable in best practices and proper handling. Give us a call today at 314-413-7500 or send us a message using our contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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