Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

We can help offices dispose of non-hazardous and hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

Preferred Waste Concepts can help offices dispose of expired drug samples and nonhazardous pharmaceuticals. This waste should not be thrown in trash containers or flushed down the drain. A separate box and manifest is required for all nonhazardous waste.

We also offer NarcGone MX to neutralize schedule 1 narcotics, then allowing them to be disposed of in your regulated medical waste.

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Narc Gone MX uses a proprietary chemical destruction solution that starts dissolving and absorbing the drugs on contact. During this process, the drugs are absorbed and neutralized by the mixture of activated carbon in the container. Narc Gone MX is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. Once the container is full, the included hardener can be added to the container. 

NarcGoneMX is designed for the disposal of both solid and liquid schedule 1 illicit narcotics. It can also be used for destruction of all forms of non-hazardous, controlled and non-controlled medications, including pills, capsules, tablets, creams, fentanyl, and nicotine patches, suppositories and liquids. 

Once finished (full) you can dispose with your Regulated Medical waste. 

Narc Gone MX has been independently tested by a DEA Certified Laboratory:

  • Effectively meets the DEA Standard for Non-Retrievable
  • Cooperative Research & Development AGreement (CRADA #22-TST-001) with the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate for use by their Agencies
  • Environmentally safe based on the EPA’s standards for Solid Waste
  • Environmentally Sustainable 
  • Narc Gone® logo is a registered trademark of GFMD Ltd

Product Comparison

Pharma Waste Containers

A: 10 Gallon Hazardous Pharmaceutical

B: NarcGone

C: 10 Gallon Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical

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