Tips for tattoo parlors managing medical waste with disposal companies

It doesn’t matter if you run a healthcare clinic, a tattoo parlor, or a barbershop, you’re going to have to deal with medical waste. This means that you need to have medical waste disposal companies who you work with that will properly dispose of your waste. At Preferred Waste Concepts, we provide safe waste management for your tattoo parlor and have tips to help you with proper disposal.

Have a readily available sharps container

Any industry that uses needles needs a sharps container. Having a designated place to dispose of needles is not only safer for everyone in the building, it’s a safer alternative to throwing needles directly into the landfill. It helps to prevent risks of needle sticks by employees, custodial staff, and waste management employees.

Use an appropriate sharps container

A sharps container that’s issued by medical waste disposal companies is the best option. They’re made of sturdy plastic with one-way lids that keep the sharps inside. If this isn’t available, something like a laundry detergent bottle or a liquid fabric softener bottle are viable options. Make sure that the lid will close securely and the needles inside cannot poke through.

Immediately dispose of sharps

A needle that is left sitting out is unsafe. Needles should not be reused and should be saved for later use. Once you’re done with it, immediately dispose of it in a sharps container. This ensures that another individual won’t come over and either mistakenly grab the needle or knock it off wherever you’ve left it.

Proper handling of sharps

Train your employees on how to properly handle sharps. This goes from the very first time a needle is inserted into the tattoo machine to its proper disposal in the sharps container. Make sure your employees know what to do should they get an accidental needle stick.

Have a well-marked biohazard waste receptacle

Tattoo parlors have a lot of biohazard waste. Needles, gauze, and bandages are among the most common. Blood-borne pathogens can be easily transmitted through biohazard waste that isn’t properly disposed of. Have a biohazard waste receptacle that is well-marked and easy to get to. Having a single receptacle in the back of your parlor does not encourage employees to properly dispose of biohazard waste.

What consists of medical waste?

When it comes to properly dispose of biohazard and medical waste, your employees might not be entirely sure what all goes into a medical waste receptacle. Any item that has or may have been contaminated with blood, body fluids, or any other potentially infectious materials is considered medical waste. These items should be properly disposed of in containers that are specifically labeled for medical waste.

Get training

If you’re not sure how to teach your team proper handling of medical waste, get help from Preferred Waste Concepts. We can provide you with safety training to ensure that each of your employees understands how to use Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) as well as proper disposal of all materials they’re going to use in your shop.

Contact Preferred Waste Concepts

Make sure that you’re properly disposing of biohazard and medical waste with medical waste disposal companies. The team with Preferred Waste Concepts offers sterile and professional waste management solutions for your tattoo parlor. We’ll help you get in compliance with OSHA and even provide safety training for your team. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a safe environment for your employees and customers.

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