What should veterinary clinics know about their medical waste disposal company?

If you oversee a medical center or veterinarian’s clinic, you likely need a service to handle your medical waste disposal in Madison. Medical waste is an unavoidable aspect of providing medical care to humans and animals. Just like human clinics, veterinarian offices need to dispose of waste. Not only are these items potentially hazardous to…

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How To Contract Medical Disposal Services

Proper disposal of medical waste materials is vital to the health and safety of the surrounding community. When your practice hires a medical waste disposal service, it is important to make sure the third-party company offers a handful of essential things to keep your business running safely. Below we discuss the critical things to look…

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How much does biohazard waste disposal cost?

Disposing of biohazardous medical waste correctly is essential for avoiding potential lawsuits, injuries to your colleagues, and other potentially serious risks. The cost of mitigating this risk, though, can be a high one. There are quite a few factors that determine exactly how expensive of a process this could be for you, but no matter…

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Biohazard Bags and Other Waste Management Supplies You Need for Your Tattoo Parlor

If you own or manage a tattoo and piercing studio, you’re likely aware that it’s crucial to be mindful of the waste that is produced within your studio. Many of the waste products your artists handle are considered health hazards since they are exposed to blood and other bodily fluids and require special handling under…

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Why it’s essential to hire an OSHA auditor

No matter how prepared you feel like you might be, getting an OSHA inspection can be a stressful thing. It seems that there’s always something that the inspectors find that’s out of place. With the help of Preferred Waste Concepts, you can hire an OSHA auditor to provide you with feedback regarding the state of your…

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Why Your Pharmacy Needs Effective Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Medication plays a vital role in the lives of many patients in formal healthcare settings and patient homes. A critical component in safe medication use is the proper disposal of unused pharmaceuticals. In fact, when pharmaceutical waste disposal is done correctly, it can help protect the environment and keep dangerous medications from falling into the…

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What happens to medical waste in St. Louis?

Many of us who have been to a doctor or gotten a vaccination might have wondered where the rubber gloves, syringes, and other trash goes when the medical provider is finished with it. The same might be the case with needles and medical gauze at a tattoo parlor. Proper disposal of these items is necessary…

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How to choose between medical waste management companies

Generating hazardous waste requires complicated and specialized disposal services. Choosing the perfect medical waste disposal business for your facility can be complicated. Still, medical facilities cannot afford oversights in waste disposal. With so many regulations, the margin for error is virtually non-existent. You need a company with a clean track record, proven results, and guaranteed…

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Why is it important to work with medical waste companies?

Every day, hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical facilities produce countless tons of medical waste, and unlike other types of waste, it can’t be disposed of in an ordinary manner. A significant percentage of this waste is composed of hazardous materials, calling for adherence to specific disposal protocols. When these medical facilities need to…

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