How to choose between medical waste management companies

Generating hazardous waste requires complicated and specialized disposal services. Choosing the perfect medical waste disposal business for your facility can be complicated. Still, medical facilities cannot afford oversights in waste disposal. With so many regulations, the margin for error is virtually non-existent. You need a company with a clean track record, proven results, and guaranteed compliance. Here is how to choose between medical waste management companies:


Always prioritize experience. Hazardous waste disposal requires extensive knowledge of policies, procedures, processes, and regulations.

Finding a company with ample experience and a clean record of success is the only way to ensure an organization delivers results. Plus, sizable experience reflects their willingness and ability to adapt to this perpetually changing industry to serve clients better.

Always verify the company you choose has experience managing your exact kind of waste and accommodating your unique business needs. Typically, experience results in refined protocols. By optimizing their routes and processes, companies provide premier and efficient pick-up services and compliant disposal procedures.

Optimized processes are especially important in this industry because regulations hold companies liable for infectious, medical waste until it has been totally destroyed. The longer it takes, the more you expose your facility to liabilities.

Budget and cost

Evaluating your budget and a medical waste management company’s cost is essential to picking the right business.

Ask if there are any line items you require that they will bill separately. Ensure you understand every cost, fee, and surcharge to expect and that they offer services within budget. Enquire about costs per container, pound, and month.

The company should tailor costs to your needs and budget to ensure you only pay for what you need. You should also find a business that offers free quotes and a price lock or guarantee.

Ask as many questions as possible about what you are paying, ensure you get it in writing, and if a company acts evasive regarding pricing, this is a major red flag.

Customer service

Impeccable customer service is critical, especially when looking for medical waste disposal services. Assess each level of their service.

They should tailor services to your needs, be reliable, and always securely handle your waste. Ask how they stay current with constantly changing EPA requirements and never settle for a company that does not cater to your schedule and pick-up frequency needs.

The company should always be available when you need them and provide a contract to protect you and ensure you receive the agreed upon services and pricing.

Compliance and training

Only work with medical waste management companies that maintain absolute compliance. Local, state, and federal regulations change constantly.

Since OSHA, DOT, and HIPAA oversee the management and disposal of hazardous waste closely, working with a company that does not stay up-to-date with changing regulations exposes you, your facility, and your bottom line up to severe liabilities.

The company you work with should also help you maintain compliance independently through OSHA training. Regular training is essential so you and your employees are aware of changing regulations. Courses they should at least offer include:

  • HIPAA training
  • Hazard communication standard training
  • OSHA bloodborne pathogen training

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