Why it’s essential to hire an OSHA auditor

No matter how prepared you feel like you might be, getting an OSHA inspection can be a stressful thing. It seems that there’s always something that the inspectors find that’s out of place. With the help of Preferred Waste Concepts, you can hire an OSHA auditor to provide you with feedback regarding the state of your business according to OSHA standards. Read more to see a few reasons why an auditor can be beneficial for your company.

Identify areas of compliance

It’s nice to have some positivity after an inspection. Your auditor can provide you with feedback in areas that are considered up to code with OSHA standards. This is helpful as it means that these are areas where you don’t need to make any changes regarding policies and operations. Additionally, it means that your employees and customers will be safe.

Finding areas that need correction

Despite our best efforts, there are times where policy enforcement gets a little lax or we’re simply not meeting the standards. An auditor can help you identify these areas of need without risking any fines from OSHA. Did you know that OSHA can fine your company up to $7,000 for each item of non-compliance that’s found in an inspection? You can save far more than that by hiring an auditor to show where you might be falling short of the standards.

Unbiased feedback

While performing internal audits can be an effective way to ensure that everything within your company is up to industry standards, it’s not uncommon to get a certain level of bias in the feedback. Your employees might look the other way if they see that that’s atypical is out of place thinking that it’ll get put away, or treat policies like they’re “just the way things are.” Bringing in an outside auditor is a great way to get the feedback that you need to paint an accurate depiction of the way your company is from day to day.

Assess the efficacy of company policies

It’s not uncommon for company policies to get updated. This is especially true with safety policies. An auditor can verify company policies and protocols to verify that they’re in accordance with the standards and practices that come down directly from OSHA. This gives you a chance to rewrite policies to make sure they’re current as well as train employees on them.

Evaluate the condition of equipment

Equipment that operates correctly isn’t always in the best condition. Yes, most equipment should be getting regular inspections to ensure that they’re in safe working condition. However, inspection training can sometimes be a little more relaxed than it should be and poor habits and practices can get passed down from one worker to the next. An OSHA auditor can provide accurate feedback regarding the true state of your equipment so you know what needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced.

Reach out to our team

If you’d like to hire an OSHA auditor, reach out to our team today at Preferred Waste Concepts. We can come to your business and perform a mock safety inspection to let you know where you might have issues in the case of a real inspection. This will not only save you money, but it could also save the life of an employee. Get in touch by calling 314-413-7500 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and performing an inspection for your company.

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