What Makes Biohazard Containers Safe?

From doctor’s offices and dental practices to tattoo parlors and medspas, biohazard containers are essential for the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Since you want to keep your staff, patients and customers safe, using a biohazard container that meets appropriate standards is important. And using a waste disposal service to provide these kinds of materials as well as properly dispose of or recycle them is equally vital.

Preferred Waste Concepts is a waste disposal company that provides businesses in the St. Louis area with comprehensive waste disposal services, including safe biohazard containers and supplies. And with that, we know everything there is to know about what to look for in a quality biohazard container. Here’s what makes for a safe, secure biohazard container and what you should look for.

The containers are high-quality and durable

When shopping for biohazard containers, look for ones made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a type of plastic that’s incredibly strong and dense. It can easily contain fumes, liquids and sharp objects, keeping you, your staff, patients and customers safe from any biohazardous materials.

The last thing you want when handling biohazardous waste or objects is for them to leak or penetrate the plastic. Having a high-quality, durable container keeps everyone safe and secure.

The containers lock securely

A locking lid, cover or seal is just as important as having a durable plastic container. There are various types of locking seals available for biohazard containers, such as air-tight sealing zippers, screw tops and locking lids. This feature ensures that the contents stay inside the container, even if you accidentally knock it over.

Once you receive your biohazard containers from your waste management company, check a few containers to ensure you know how to lock and secure them properly. This way, when you’re using them in your office, you’ll be well-practiced and know how to dispose of biohazard materials safely.

The containers are reusable

In years past, medical offices used to have to throw away all biohazard containers. However, manufacturers now make biohazard containers out of reusable materials to help lessen waste. This practice also helps keep unnecessary waste out of landfills after just one use. When you purchase biohazard containers, make sure they can be reused so you’re not contributing to undue medical waste.

Whether you own and operate a doctor’s office, veterinarian clinic or morgue, you’ll need a reliable biohazard and waste disposal service. With all the other things that go into managing a clinic, locating a reliable waste management company that offers everything your business needs can feel overwhelming. But finding a company to handle hazardous waste doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Preferred Waste Concepts offers various waste management and disposal services, like non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal, regulated medical waste, OSHA compliance and more. And we aim to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Contact us today to learn about what we offer and how we can keep you and your staff safe.

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