Best Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service Methods

Strict laws govern how medical offices and companies can dispose of their waste. It’s crucial––to ensure your organization remains compliant––to work with an experienced and professional waste disposal service. Some people don’t know the regulations for pharmaceutical waste and medical waste differ, and there are different laws for hazardous waste and DEA-listed pharmaceuticals. This blog discusses the compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal services offered by Preferred Waste Concepts.


Incorrect disposal methods of non-hazardous pharmaceuticals

It’s understandable if you’ve been using incorrect methods to dispose of your pharmaceuticals until now. There’s a lot of misinformation. If you aren’t disposing of designated hazardous material or DEA-listed drugs, you might think that you’re not breaking the law by using one of these methods. However, there are consequences to being careless with throwing away your pharmaceuticals. Here are common but incorrect disposal methods.

Throwing pharmaceuticals in the regular trash

When pharmaceutical material is labeled as non-hazardous, it might give you a false sense of safety when throwing them in the regular trash. However, when that trash goes to the landfill, and the pharmaceuticals degrade, they can leach harmful chemicals into the soil, contaminating the environment.


Flushing old pharmaceuticals or dumping them down the drain

Similarly, flushing or dumping pharmaceuticals down the drain can quickly contaminate the water in your area. Even if they’re labeled as non-hazardous and aren’t DEA-listed, they can still have a devastating effect on groundwater as well as the local flora and fauna. Instead of taking the risk, working with a waste disposal company with pharmaceutical waste disposal services gives you convenience and peace of mind.

Putting pharmaceuticals in your regulated medical waste container

Using your regulated or hazardous medical waste container for pharmaceuticals doesn’t put you at risk for fines or harming the environment. Those materials will go to a medical incinerator for disposal. However, it may cost your organization more money than enacting separate streams for regulated waste and pharmaceuticals.

Instead of accepting the extra cost, work with a waste disposal company that provides customized service. They’ll meet your disposal needs, ensure you’re not spending more than necessary while maintaining compliance.

The best pharmaceutical waste disposal service methods

The easiest way to dispose of pharmaceutical waste while adhering to St. Louis and federal regulations is by working with an experienced waste disposal company. They’ll provide you with the material and processes you need to dispose of your pharmaceuticals safely, without any research or hassle on your part.

Correct waste disposal ensures that harmful chemicals don’t seep into the soil and groundwater, causing harm to the environment. There are also direct concerns for your organization if you’re caught with improper pharmaceutical disposal, including fines or legal action by environmental regulation groups.

When you contact a waste disposal service, they’ll evaluate your materials as hazardous or non-hazardous and provide you with the necessary collection container for disposal. You’re responsible for training your staff regarding what medical waste goes into each container. Then, either when the container’s full or on an established schedule, the waste company exchanges the full container for an empty one and safely disposes of the pharmaceuticals.


Preferred Waste Concepts provides safe, compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal services in St. Louis.

Preferred Waste Concepts understands how every organization has unique needs for their medical waste disposal. We work with every client to provide compliant, stress-free waste disposal that suits their organization’s space, production schedule, and even office hours. Our team prides itself in eliminating the hassle of compliant medical waste disposal, so your organization can focus on providing exceptional service.

Preferred Waste’s singular mission is to raise the bar on service for medical offices with compliant non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal services.

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