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Throughout 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed our hospitals and frontline healthcare providers to their limits. Despite the strenuous workload they’ve faced, these essential workers have remained diligent in providing us with the care we all needed to get through these unprecedented times. As someone who works in the healthcare industry, it’s important to understand that you aren’t alone as we continue to work through COVID-19. Preferred Waste Concepts in St. Louis City can help mitigate your workload and alleviate some of your stresses by providing the premier medical waste removal services in the area.

How It All Started

Jeffrey Barcom, President of Preferred Waste Concepts in St. Louis City, has made a living facilitating the waste removal process for countless individuals and businesses. In the 26 years he’s worked in the waste industry, Barcom has founded three waste companies, but his biggest passion has always been in the safe and dependable handling of medical waste. That’s why in 2019, when another locally owned medical waste expert approached him about leaving the industry, he was thrilled to have an opportunity to take over the client base and bring his expertise to local medical providers. To this day, the entire team at Preferred Waste Concepts remains dedicated to exceeding your expectations with their reliable medical waste removal services.

What We Offer

Regulated medical waste pick up.

Outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices, few people understand the importance of properly disposing of regulated medical waste better than Jeffrey Barcom and the entire team at Preferred Waste Concepts in St. Louis City. Not only does it help you avoid costly fines and penalties, but it also ensures the safety of everyone who interacts with this type of waste. That’s why we are equipped to handle the removal of your pathological waste, infectious agent cultures and stocks, contaminated sharps, and all other regulated medical waste in accordance with the local and state regulations. We happily provide all of the necessary containers and documentation, and we keep an open line of communication to provide peace of mind knowing you remain compliant.

Non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste removal.

Preferred Waste Concepts can also assist with the safe disposal of all of your non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. So when you have expired drug samples, U- and P-listed drugs, any endocrine-disrupting compounds, or any other waste that’s not DEA listed pharmaceutical waste, we’ll ensure that it is correctly disposed of with a specific box and manifest. This helps free up space in your storage centers and avoid contaminating the environment. We will even offer this service at a discount when you package it with our regulated medical waste pick up services.

Compliance assistance.

OSHA has strict rules and regulations that dictate how your waste should be handled and disposed of, and any violations of these rules can result in very costly fines. Preferred Waste Concepts in St. Louis City helps local healthcare providers avoid these unnecessary fines with our compliance audits and training. With our online OSHA Compliance Program, you’ll receive Safety Data Sheet management, a Safety Plan Builder, safety training for your workforce, and the answer to all of your compliance questions. It’s all accessible via a convenient web portal available on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Why Partner with Preferred Waste Concepts

We understand that the medical waste needs of one provider are drastically different from the next. That’s why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to our disposal services. Instead, we’ll tailor our offerings to better address your unique production schedule, storage space limitations, and office hours. We’ll devise a solution that works around your schedule rather than the other way around so you can stop stressing about compliance issues and focus on providing the best care possible for your patients. Get started today by messaging us online to set up an initial consultation.

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